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Centrifugal casting machineя
Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting

Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR)
and centrifugal casting

               Mini foundry
of electroslag remelting (ESR)
      and centrifugal casting

      Mini foundry includes the electroslag remelting (ESR) unit and the vertical centrifugal casting machine. It is intended for manufacturing of mono- and bimetallic products of cylindrical form, such as bushings, rings, nuts, cogwheels etc for the purposes of repair, individual or small-scale manufacture and is the useful acquisition for machine-building and mechanical-repair plants and shops.

      The device allows to utilize the waste of valuable metals (both nonferrous metals and their alloys with ferrous metals) in the form of metal shavings and scrap metal, and to receive the refined high-quality alloys from nonferrous and ferrous metals, alloyed cast irons with the set chemical compound. Also it is possible to restore the worn out details by remelting, for example tips of hammer crushers.

      Overall dimensions of mini foundry: length - 1500 mm, width - 1200 mm, height - 2300 mm. Weight: 1,6 tons. Electric wattage: 100...200 kW.

      Mini foundries are made by our company under individual orders, with parameters and characteristics according to requirements of customers. The vertical centrifugal casting machine (more details >>) is a component of the device, but the machine may be exploited independently. It may be made and delivered to customers separately, irrespective of a mini foundry.

               Mini foundry
of electroslag remelting (ESR)
      and centrifugal casting

· Electroslag remelting (ESR) unit ·

      In electroslag remelting (ESR) unit a liquid metal is formed in crucible by means of spending electrode or non-spending (coal) electrode with addition of metal shaving or other waste of metals. Presence of two feeders of electrodes allows to raise essentially technological and operational properties of the device.

      Characteristics of base variant of electroslag remelting unit are indicated below:

- feeder of electrode, pieces 2
- feeder of shaving, pieces 1
- feeder of flux, pieces 1
- electric case, pieces 1
- length of spending electrode, mm up to 600
- diameter of electrode, mm up to 200
- horizontal moving of electrode, mm up to 300
- corner of turn holder of electrode, dg up to 90
- crucible-scoop, kg 20
- consumption of electric power in
crucible smelting, kw*h/kg
0,65 - 0,75
- weight of unit, tons 0,9

      About centrifugal casting machine which is a part of mini foundry look page of Centrifugal casting machine .

      We invite you to see a fragment of videoFragment of video film film of functioning of our mini foundry: file size is 5,5 Mb (loading time at speed of data transmission of 56 kbps is 13,3 minutes).

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