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Centrifugal casting machineя
Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting

Our technologies

Bimetallic products

      It is known that the technology of electroslag remelting (ESR) has been invented in Ukraine in 1952-1953 in Paton's Institute of Welding (Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and originally applied to producing of high-quality ingots of big weight.

      Our country always occupied one of main places in the world in this branch of metallurgical science. In basis of technologies applied by us nowadays researches and developments of electroslag remelting lay, which were carried out by us at some time in institute VNIIMEHCHERMET with participation of Paton's Institute.

      For manufacturing of bimetallic details such as bushings, rings, nuts, cogwheels etc is applied complex technology of centrifugal casting with electroslag remelting. Materials: steel - bronze, steel - cast iron, cast iron - bronze. As fused-up materials can be used the waste of metals (metal shaving etc).

      The advantage of this technology is an increase in service life of products, due to improvement of quality of metal, as a result of refining influence of flux and centrifugal forces. The technology allows improving quality of bimetallic products essentially.

      The feature of technology is usage of centrifugal machines with vertical axis of rotation (our own design) and electroslag unit (our own design). These allow to increase speed of rotation and to provide refining of metal.

      We also develop the variant of technology of ESR, which allows making hardening of working surface and also repairing (restoration) of various details of machines and metallurgical equipment.


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