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Centrifugal casting machineя
Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting machine

Centrifugal casting machine

      The vertical centrifugal casting machine may be used as a component of mini foundry and separately, within a technological line with other devices for producing of liquid metal, for example with melting furnace.

      The design of vertical centrifugal casting machine developed by us was been improved during more than 10 years. It is supplied by mechanism of easing of vibrations and allows to produce casting of high density and accuracy, due to high-energy gravitational condensation of crystallizing metal in form, which rotates with frequency of 350-1500 turns/minute.

      Characteristics of base variant of centrifugal casting machine are indicated below:

- speed of rotation of faceplate, rpm 300 - 1500
- way of regulation of speed smooth
- dimensions of made products:  
        external diameter, mm 80 - 650
        internal diameter, mm 50 - 450
        height, mm up to 400
- productivity, tons/h 0,5 - 1,0
- weight of machine, tons 0,7

      Centrifugal casting machines are being made at our enterprise under individual orders.

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