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Centrifugal casting machineя
Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting

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               Mini foundry
of electroslag remelting (ESR)
      and centrifugal casting       Dear sirs! Ukrainian specialized research-and-production company TSENTROTEH is engaged in development and spreading in industry of technologies of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting Bimetallic products since 1992. However as a whole we have a 25-years experience in this field.

      Our company offers for export the unique equipment which may be applied as means of small metallurgy of machine-building and mechanical-repair plants and shops. The equipment is intended for manufacturing of bimetallic products, and also it may be used for recycling of waste of valuable metals directly at territory of mills where the waste have formed. This equipment is developed by us and our company is its producer. Our equipment is already delivered to Russia and the geography of export will extend in the future. For more details about the equipment go  Mini foundry of electroslag remelting (ESR) and centrifugal casting.

Bimetallic products

      Besides manufacturing of the equipment our company makes bimetallic products (bushings, rings, nuts, cogwheels etc) of small series, and also repair of other equipment. Our long-term clients are the largest enterprises of Ukraine, such as: Nyzhnyodniprovsky Pipe Rolling Plant , Dneprospetsstal , Northern Mining and Dressing Works (city Krivoi Rog) .

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      You may receive more detailed information about our activity at russian version of this web site.

      You may download the prospectusProspectus(680 Kb) of our company, a file of pdf format in the form of zip-archive.

      We shall be glad to see you, your company among our clients also!


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